Configuring a mailbox in Microsoft Outlook 2000

After installing MS Office 2000, in case the Outlook component has been selected for installation, click on the “Microsoft Outlook” icon to launch the Connection Wizard.

In the appeared window of the wizard press the “next” button (further).

In the next window, you should specify whether or not you want to migrate mail communities from another mail program (e.g. Outlook Express) to Outlook.

Further it is necessary to specify the configuration of the program – it will be the standard program of mail reception, will work as the client of a corporate mail server (MS Exchange, etc.) or will work only as an organizer. For work with mail the item “Internet Only” is specified.

After confirming the desired configuration, the wizard will request the necessary connection parameters.

In the Display name field you should specify the name that Outlook will use as a signature.

Then, in the “E-mail address” field you should specify your e-mail address

The “My incoming mail server is a -” field specifies the type of incoming mail server – POP3 or IMAP4.

In the field “Incoming Mail” (incoming mail server) you should specify the address of the incoming mail server from which the messages will be taken.

In the field “Outgoing Mail” (outgoing mail server) you should specify the address of the outgoing mail server through which the messages will be forwarded to the recipient.

Further, in the field “Account name” you should specify the account name (user name for the mailbox) and in the field “Password” – the password for it.

Then you should specify the type of connection used, if there is such a connection, you should tick the “I will establish my Internet connection manually” item and press the “Next” button.

Then, to complete the setup you should press the “Finish” button.

Select the “Accounts” item in the drop-down menu.

In the appeared menu go to the tab “Mail” (mail), and, in case of creation of a new account, press the button “Add”, in the appeared menu select the item “Mail” (mail).

Creation of a new account.

Start Outlook, choose the “Tools” item in the upper menu.

Next, use the Connection Wizard to create an account as described above. If you need to edit an already existing account, you should select the account to be edited and press the “Properties” button.

The appeared window contains 4 tabs: “General” (general), “Servers” (servers), “Connection” (connections) and “Advanced” (optional).

It is possible to change the names of incoming and outgoing mail servers on the tab “Servers” in the corresponding lines (Incoming mail – incoming mail server, Outgoing mail, Account name and Password for taking mail from your mailbox are also specified there.

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