Outlook Express 5.0-6.0

Start the mail program. This can be done by clicking “Start/Programs/Outlook Express”.

Open the “Tools/Accounts” menu

Go to the Mail tab and click the Add/Mail button

Select POP3 in the line “My incoming mail server” if you want to receive mail via the POP3 protocol.

Or select “My incoming mail server” in the “IMAP4” line if you want to receive mail via IMAP4 protocol.

You can read about the main differences between these protocols here
Enter mail.dol.ru in the “Incoming mail POP3, IMAP, HTTP” field.

Enter mail.dol.ru in the line “Outgoing mail SMTP”.

Click “Next

In the window that appears, enter your name, for example, Ivan Petrov, click “Next”.

In the next window, enter an email address, such as ivan@dol.ru

Enter your e-mail address (as it is in Demos) in the “Account name” field. Enter your password for your mailbox (Password). You do not need to enable the “Use secure password verification (SPA)” option. Click “Next”.

Click “Finish”.

If you have selected IMAP to receive mail, you will be prompted to download the folders from the mail server. Click “Yes”.

After connecting to the server, you will be prompted to select the folders that will be displayed in the mail client. Make the necessary choice and click “Ok”.

Go to the “Tools/Accounts” menu

Click on the “Mail” tab.

Select your mailbox and press the “Properties” button.

Go to the “Servers” tab

Select the “My server requires authentication” field and click on the “Setup…” button (“Settings…”)

Turn on the “Log on using” mode and enter your email address and password in the “Account name” and “Password” fields respectively. Click OK and then click on the “Advanced” tab

In the field “Outbound clock (SMTP)” type 587. If you receive mail via POP3 protocol and want to store the correspondence on our server, tick “Leave a copy of messages on the server”, and it is recommended to tick also “Delete from the server when cleaning the “Deleted” folder”. (“Remove from server when deleted from ‘Deleted Items'”) to avoid a quick mailbox overflow. If you decide to leave incoming mail on our server, please make sure that your high mailbox does not overflow. This may result in new mail not being delivered. Click “OK”.

If you are using the IMAP protocol, you need to open the “Tools/Options” menu. In the appeared window you should select the “Maintenance” tab and tick the “Delete deleted messages when exiting IMAP folders” box. Otherwise, the messages will remain marked for deletion on the server until you manually compress the folders.

The mailbox creation is finished.

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