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The Print Tools for Outlook add-in will help you to automatically print out incoming and outgoing attachments (as well as separate attachments and e-mails) without opening them. The program unpacks and prints the archived attachments “*.zip” and “*.rar”, supports manual and automatic mode of operation. The program settings required for the automatic mode of operation are intuitive and their number is minimal.

Messages printed with Print Tools look exactly the same as when printing with standard Microsoft® Outlook® tools. However, the add-in fixes some of the bugs it contains. For example, before, to print a letter with a list of attachments, it was necessary to change the format of an “html” message to “rtf” or “txt”, because none of the versions of Microsoft Outlook includes a list of attachments to the e-mail header in the “html” format. Using Print Tools, you can forget about this problem.

Sharing Microsoft Outlook rules and the Print Tools plugin allows you to create a system that can automatically print messages and/or attachments to them. Although Microsoft Outlook has a standard print rule, there is no way to specify (or disallow) specific file types or print attachments separately from the email when using it.

Print Tools provides the ability to print any email and attachment (as well as “notes”, “tasks”, etc.) of any format. To print, simply click the Print Tools button in the Microsoft Outlook taskbar.

The program is ready to work immediately after installation. Work with correspondence easier!

Program features

  • Automatic printing of incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Print any Microsoft Outlook items (messages, tasks, notes, etc.).
  • Print selected items (or specific areas) in two clicks.
  • A handy Print Wizard will help you print items manually.
  • Automatic printing of all types of files that can be printed by the system.
  • Printing of attached files in ZIP or RAR format!
  • Print messages in any format.
  • Interface and documentation language: English, German, Russian.

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