Using Outlook Easy Setup

If you are using a PC and intend to use Outlook® to send and receive e-mail messages and your domain is registered with us, we recommend that you enable Outlook Easy Setup in the server settings for your domain before setting up e-mail.

The Outlook Easy Setup feature creates an “autodiscovery” entry under the SRV record in your domain’s zone file. This account includes all the information that Outlook needs to configure your email accounts, such as the hostname and port number.

NOTE. If you have registered your domain with another registrar or you are using another party’s hosting or DNS services, you will not be able to use this feature. It is also not compatible with Mac® computers.

Enabling Outlook Easy Setup

  1. Log in to the Account Manager.
  2. Click the E-mail button. The Workspace Control Center opens.
  3. From the Tools menu or the Task Shortcuts list, select Server Settings. The Settings window appears on the screen.
  4. From the Domain list, select the domain you want to activate.
  5. In Outlook Easy Setup, use the On/Off switch to enable this feature. Our system creates an SRV record in your domain’s zone file.

Now that you have configured e-mail in Outlook, all you have to do is enter your username and password and the SRV record will do the rest.

Configuring the Outlook application using the Outlook Easy Setup feature

NOTE. Before using Outlook Easy Setup, you must first enable this feature for your domain from the Workspace Management Center. If you have not already done so, see the above article Enabling Outlook Easy Setup.

  1. Open the Outlook program.
  2. Creating a new e-mail account
  • In Outlook 2007, from the Tools menu, select Account Settings, and then click the New button.
  • In Outlook 2010, from the File menu, select Add Account.
  1. Enter your email account information. This process may be slightly different for different versions of Outlook. The procedures for Outlook 2007 or 2010 are described below.
  • If the Manually configure server settings or additional server types checkbox is selected, uncheck it and click Next.
  • Enter the Username of your e-mail. The username is your email address.
  • Enter the Password for your email account and confirm it again.
  • Click Next.
  1. If the dialogue box prompts you to Allow this website to configure server settings, click the Allow button.
  2. Once you have finished configuring your email address, you can click the Add another account button to create a different email address for the domain or the Finish button.

Your Outlook account is now configured! Log in to your Outlook account to send messages and check the mail received.

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